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  • Over 200 Questions - and Answers!

    Over 200 Questions - and Answers!

    The book contains over 200 questions, each with a preparation tip, and a professionally written response for you to know what a great answer sounds like.

  • Quick and Easy Download

    Quick and Easy Download

    The ebook is available on for the Kindle, your PC or Mac, or your tablet reader. Quick and easy to download from a store you trust,

  • Survive High Pressure Interviews

    Survive High Pressure Interviews

    Interviews are already high pressure situations. When you add in tactics designed to trip you up, it is even worse. Now you can conquer the most difficult questions with ease.


7 Things You MUST Say During a Job Interview

A job interview is an opportunity for the employer to learn more about you and for you to learn more about the employer. There are a couple of things you should¬†always say during a job interview – and they help each of you to learn more about the other. Asking the right questions will also […]


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